Julie Fradette webJulie Fradette, Ph.D.

Centre de Recherche en Organogénèse Expérimentale de l’Université Laval/ LOEX
CHU de Québec Research Center-Université Laval
Associate Professor,
Department of surgery within the Faculty of Medicine of Université Laval

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My laboratory, commonly referred to as the LOETA (“Laboratoire d’organogenèse experimental du tissu adipeux”), has celebrated it's tenth anniversary in 2015!
I had the chance, and I still do to this day, to be associated with and train more than 32 students, and 16 graduate students/postdoctoral fellows. I could count on the sporadic and even dedicated support of 10 research assistants! All of them have helped to establish my lab in the field of tissue engineering based on human adipose stromal/stem cells.
Indeed, my research program is based on the utilization of this abundant and promising source of multipotent cells. My team was the first to produce tissues through the method of self-assembly by tissue engineering with the inclusion of a concomitant step of cell differentiation (from adipocyte to osteoblasts) in addition to the production of extracellular matrix.
My team's research themes include the reconstruction of adipose tissue and skin that can be used as in vitro model. Their production methods are compatible with future use in a clinical setting (elimination of bovine serum and xenogenic materials, etc.). We are also studying the adipocytes-endothelial cells interactions, the impact of inflammation (TNF, IL-1) on capillaries within adipose tissue, the impact of adipose biological dressing on wound healing as well as the role of extracellular matrix on adipogenesis and adipose tissue remodeling in normal and inflammatory conditions. We performed a noninvasive monitoring of tissue transplanted on mice by magnetic resonance imaging, a first! Finally, with my colleagues in the LOEX, we have used stromal stem cells from the adipose tissue for the reconstruction of bladder, bone and vascular substitutes.
1991-1994 : BSc in Biochemistry, Université Laval. 1994-1999 : PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology, L. Germain lab, LOEX, U. Laval.
1996 and 1997: research internship (6 months total) under the direction of Dr. Pierre A. Coulombe. Johns Hopkins University, Department of Biological Chemistry, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
1999-2004 : Fellowship in gene therapy, lab j. Glorioso III, University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
2005 – ongoing: Researcher, LOEX .
2005-2007 : Adjunct Professor, Department of Surgery. 2007-2012 : Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery. 2012(June)-2013(June): Associate Professor, Department of Surgery. 2013- ongoing : Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, Faculty of medicine, Université Laval.