Tissue Engineering Services Platform

The tissue engineering services platform offers personalised support in cell culture, reconstructed tissue production and sample analysis.

To access the website: http://www.crchudequebec.ulaval.ca/plateformes/genie-tissulaire/presentation/

Services Provided:

Cell extraction from native tissues
Animal and human cell culture (primary and immortalised cell lines)
Tissue and organ reconstruction by tissue engineering
Cell transduction in monolayer or 3D culture
Microscopy and image processing
Toxicological testing
Wound-healing assays
Evaluation of treatment efficacy
Pharmacological testing (dermatoabsorption, vasoconstriction)
Mechanical properties analysis in tissues (elasticity, resistance, contractility)
Clean room cell culture service
Implementation of research projects

Available models:

blood vessel
adipose tissue
urologic tissue
neurological models
wound-healing models
pathological models